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BMW 1 Series Coupe (2008–2013)

Last updated 8 May 2019

Good looking sporty alternative to the standard 1 Series, super quick 135i, strong and efficient diesels.
Tight in the back for taller passengers.
Updated 8 June 2019

Report of faulty brake calliper on 2014 BMW M235i, discovered during a routine service. BMW offered to pay £450 towards a replacement leaving the owner to pay £589 to cover the rest of the...

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How does 306PS in a 4-seat coupe the size of a Golf grab you?

And not any old 306PS engine, but ‘engine of the year': BMW's sensational twin-turbo 3.0 litre straight six that's both benignly tractable and very, very fast.

Over the last year BMW has been turning its slow selling sow's ear of a 1-Series into something of a silk purse. First we saw the three-door hatchback version with it's Efficient Dynamics 118 diesel that has since been developed to limbo under the 120g/m CO2 limit that gets it into London for nothing from next February and cuts the annual tax bill to £35.

Road Test BMW 135i Coupe

Road Test BMW 1 Series M Coupe


Owners' reviews

fantastic performance smooth delivery but take a petrol tanker with you
I look forward to driving it every time because of its classic look, perfect driving position and responsiveness.
brilliance marred by hard ride
Great combination of performance, economy and good to drive
List Price from £23,010
Buy new from £17,745
Contract hire from £219.04 per month

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