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Audi A3 e-tron (2014–)

Last updated 5 August 2019

Length 4311–4324 mm
Width 1966 mm
Height 1404–1426 mm
Wheelbase 2630–2631 mm
Boot Space 280–1120 L

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We’ve said it before, but the Audi A3 has one of the best car interiors on sale today, punching way above its class weight. It’s the essence of solid simplicity with a clean, intuitive layout fashioned from plastics so dense that they almost stop being quantifiably plastic and become something else.

Audi’s MMI system, which comes as standard, is a joy to use. Intuitively designed, it features clear shortcut and back buttons, plus the rotary control dial can be used as a track pad to write navigation instructions – albeit with the left hand, which for the majority will mean scrawly letters that the car’s brain will often misinterpret.

It’s also ergonomically spectacular – if ergonomics can ever be that – in the sense that it’s built with driving position adjustment enough for both extremes of the adult size spectrum to get truly comfortable.

That’s all old news, really. The real story of the e-tron is how much of the A3 Sportback’s inherent practicality is compromised by packaging up the hybrid drivetrain?

The answer is ‘a little’. Certainly enough for a conventional A3 Sportback owner to notice, but far from taking the car into the realms of being compromised. The battery is under the rear seat and while there’s no affect on rear leg or headroom, boot capacity suffers. The 280-litre boot loses 100 litres to that of any other A3 Sportback and its maximum (rear bench down) capacity has lost the same amount, now at 1120 litres.

The A3 e-tron is only available as a Sportback – there’s no three-door version. As with every other model in the range, the e-tron benefits from a loading floor that can sit flush with the loading lip, and the rear bench folds flat, making it a convenient companion when on any given day you’re transporting bulky stuff.

Despite it being possible to run an A3 e-tron without every plugging it in, the running cost benefits will be best felt when it is. Fast charging the battery from flat takes just over two hours, while a conventional household power supply will almost double that time to three hours and 45 minutes.  Neatly, the charging socket is housed under the Audi four rings on the grille.

List Price from £22,725
Buy new from £17,177
Contract hire from £219.18 per month

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