BMW Z4 Coupe (2006 – 2008) Review

BMW Z4 Coupe (2006 – 2008) At A Glance


+Stunning, gorgeous looks. Z4M is very quick in a straight line. Classic shape and scarcity means that by 2014 values were on the rise.

-Marred by awful (2 star) steering. Needs more weight and feedback from the steering at speed. Z4M is tricky to drive smoothly.

On average it achieves 96% of the official MPG figure

It's a good looking car. Hunched on its back wheels like a cat about to pounce, there's a bit of competition E-Type, Ferrari GTO, Cobra Daytona and BMW 507 in it. Somehow, all the bells Bangles and beads come together. And before you ask there's plenty of room for golf clubs in the boot (of the 3.0i, anyway).

Road Test 2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe and 3.0i Coupe

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What can I buy for £10k that's FUN?

"Great website and I love reading your advice every week. Having spent far too much on a house extension, I can no longer buy the 981 Cayman I desire. I wonder what your thoughts are for fast manual fun for £10k? My current shortlist includes Reanaultsport Megane 250, Fiesta ST, Z4 coupe, TT MKII 2.0 TFSi manual and a Scirocco 2.0 TSI GT. Is there anything else i should be looking at in this price bracket? I plan on keeping a £1000 year maintenance budget so a 987 Boxster or 996 is surely out of the question with IMS/RMS issues? Mileage is very limited so MPG is not an issue and I'd rather not pay the £490+ VED."
I don't think £10k gets you a Megane 250 that isn't knackered; maybe a Fiesta ST but be very, very careful; not enough for a good Z4 coupe because they are now classics and start at £15k; up to you if you fall for the myths surrounding a TT or a Scirocco. There's a Z3M in Historics auction on Saturday that might come for about £12k and a Capri 2.8i that might come cheap but might go skywards. Both of these would be investments.
Answered by Honest John

Which BMW to replace my ageing M3?

"I have an E36 M3. It’s a wonderful car that I have always maintained, money no object, but she now has 170,000 miles on the clock and has recently had one or two sizeable bills. It’s difficult to know whether the car has gotten to the point where I am throwing good money after bad. Should I think about replacing her and if I do what could I buy apart from another M3, that would give so much driving pleasure, for less than £15,000?"
That's a huge life for an M3 with its complex 12-plug engine. Well done. You might get one of the stunningly good-looking Z4 M Coupes for £15,000. It has the same engine, but this was an early application of electric power steering and will require expert attention to give it some steering 'feel'. Otherwise, an E92 335i manual coupe. As quick as your M3, but easier to drive.
Answered by Honest John

Porschy and best

"I currently have a BMW Z4 coupe (57 - Dec 2007, 3.0 Sport manual, FSH, 44k), which I would like to change. I recently drove the new Z4 35i and was unimpressed. I probably will buy a Porsche Boxter S that I have driven a few times. I visited the main dealer in Hatfield yesterday. He tells me that both the Boxter and 911 will be replaced next year. If I were to buy either car which they have in stock I would get a discount, whereas, if I order a factory built car there would be no discount. Does this make sense? They have, in stock, a basic 911 coupe with about 7k worth of extras (sat nav, full leather, wheel upgrade, etc.) with a ticket price of just under £75k. I'm told my Z4 is worth about £13.5k, which seems reasonable to me. This would make a price to change of £61.5k. However, the dealer will offer a discount and has suggested a price to change of about £52k, representing a discount of £9.5k. I think he might sell the car for £50k if I were to say I would buy it on the day. From past experience I am aware that Porsche does not offer much of a discount. I am struck that this particular 911 at 15% or so off may be a good buy. They also have two Boxster S in stock, each at about £48k. The discount on these is about £3k making a price to change about £32k. I accept that this is a personal decision and that these are quite different cars. However, does the 911 make financial sense at what amounts to a purchase price of about 63k down from 75k."
That BMW Z4 coupe is a stunningly beautiful car with lousy steering feel (that can probably be fixed by a specialist). I personally think that the 911 would be a better buy than a Boxster. But I don't know how much of an improvement the next generation 911s will represent.
Answered by Honest John

Fun first cars

"I’ve driven my parents cars for 5 years and am now in a position to buy my own. However, given my age and new recent employment I feel I’d like to skip the typical stages of car purchasing (e.g. First car; Corsa, Fiesta, second car; Golf, Polo, maybe even third; Audi A3?!) I’m looking for something fun, slightly ‘different’ but still suitable for long journeys and ideally under 13k. I’ve been particularly drawn to sports coupes such as the Alfa Romeo Brera and BMW Z4 coupe, both of which are obtainable in reasonable condition second hand. I wonder if you could recommend any other similar vehicles, and also, how bad is the steering on the Z4 coupe? Thanks. "
The steering on the Z4 coupe can be fixed with the right tyres and the right tweaks. Good car to go for with the 3.0 litre engine. Stunning looks. Could soon start appreciating as a modern classic.
Answered by Honest John
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