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Most recently answered Daihatsu questions
My 1996 Daihatsu Fourtrak is due its MoT soon and I've noticed that the headlamp washers don't work. Is this an MoT failure?
I have offered my 1996 Daihatsu Grand Move service manual on eBay and on the Daihatsu Owners Club, free plus cost of postage. I have had no interest. Have you any suggestions please?
My wife has had a Daihatsu Move for 20 years and now has to replace it with something similarly 'quirky'. It must have four doors and be petrol, manual and on the small side. Any ideas, please?
I own a Daihatsu Fourtrak Independent TDS, (1996), which I've had for around 12 years with 120,000 miles on the clock. How do I best sell this specialist vehicle and what should be my target price?
We have an old Daihatsu Hijet for our sandwich business but are after something newer to replace it. I know they longer make the Hijet but is there anything available that's similar? We basically need...
We can no longer buy the Daihatsu Terios in the UK. Should we keep our current model (90,000 miles) or is there something similar available?
My Daihatsu Terios has developed a rotten egg smell, emitting from the exhaust. Is it the catalytic converter? Should Diahatsu replace the vehicle?
Can I appeal against a Category B decision, which my insurer has issued on my Daihatsu Fourtrak after it was stolen and then recovered. The car is fine, but has a broken side window and damaged ignition...
I wish to buy an inexpensive convertible and have been seduced by the cute looks of the Daihatsu Copen. However I understand that Daihatsu no longer markets cars in the UK. Will this mean servicing and...
We live on top of a hill and our house is difficult to access in winter weather. I am considering the purchase of a cheap 4x4 for £2000, which would be an additional car rather than one of our main vehicles....

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