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Most recently answered emulsified oil questions
I changed the oil in my car, ran an engine flush, drained it and then put in new oil. However, now the oil has that awful emulsification - how did this happen? There was absolutely no emulsification in...
Does a creamy substance on the oil cap indicate head gasket problems?
What is the cause of white exhaust smoke, even when the car is warm, from my 2008 Renault Modus 1.2 petrol with 32,000 miles on? There is also a small amount of emulsion inside the oil filler cap but no...
There is a creamy coloured deposit in the oil filler of my wife's 2008 Clio 1.2TCE (26k miles). The water level and oil level are normal and the oil is a good colour. The car was serviced in December....
I have been looking at Hyundai Coupes around 2005 model 2 litre engine. Every car I have looked at has cream inside the oil filler cap. Is this normal? I was told many years ago never to buy a second hand...

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