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GSF car spares supplied me with a replacement expansion tank for my car, and also a screw cap to go with it and some anti-freeze. This was done by me checking the stock online and going to my local branch...
Please can you tell me where the pollen filter is on my current model Vauxhall Astra (2010 model)? Is replacement straightforward?
What do I have to line up when changing a V-belt on a 1.3-litre Endura engine
I am just inquiring whether changing the fuel injectors on the scenic is a straight forward job, i ave changed the plugs and coils at present but need to sort out the injectors and am being messed around...
I have a Ford Mondeo Mk3 and have had to replace the drivers side Spring. Getting the shock and broken spring out was easy, the problem started trying to get the shock back in. The Haynes manual says...
I want to try and save on my car engine oil, oil/air filters and plugs change. I wanted to find out how I could change the oil, both the filters and plugs, and also the tools would I need. If I could do...
How do I bleed the brakes on a Citroen C5? I have replaced the front caliper.
I wondered if you can change the alternator belt tensioner on a 2001 Passat without removing the fan?
Do you know of some online help in removing and replacing the fuel pump on a 2000 Ford Focus 1.8 diesel? Not in the tank - right by the engine.
I have a Nissan Micra K11, what are the torque values for the rocker cover bolts, because of a leaking rocker cover gasket which I am going to replace.

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