I jet-washed under the bonnet of my car and it now won't start, what's the issue?

I was recommended to pressure wash under the bonnet of my 2003 Ford Focus prior to putting it up for sale. This was against my better judgement, but I was convinced by my friend that it would be fine. The car has always started first time with no major issues, but now it it refuses to start and there doesn't seem to be any fuel getting through. I've been told it might need a new fuel pump, there could be water in the connectors or the crankshaft sensor connections are wet. I'm going to try using contact cleaner to dry out the connections, but do you have any other ideas. It did blow the fuse for the fuel pump, so that suggests a short somewhere.

Asked on 24 March 2018 by Chris mallows

Answered by Honest John
With friends like that you don't need enemies. Impossible to guess by email quite what damage you have done. Certainly worth separating all main connection blocks and trying to dry them out with a hairdryer. You might need to replace all the spark plug coil packs. But if the water has penetrated something more major such as the ECU (which it shouldn't have done) you might need a new one.
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