My Ford Focus ST needs an expensive repair for a known issue - can I claim the money from Ford?

My 2013 Ford Focus ST experienced uneven engine running in December. A Ford dealer traced the problem to the engine wiring harness - a problem for which the car was recalled in the USA. The harness was repaired, at a cost to me of £200, as there was no UK recall code. In February, the car began displaying multiple problems - parasitic battery drain, alarm randomly going off and the power button failing to switch off the engine. My dealer has now told me the car needs a new engine wiring harness and body control module. The cost, including labour, will be £2260. The car is four years old, has only covered 20,900 miles, and has only ever been serviced by Ford dealers. Given the problems seem to be caused by substandard components, is there any hope of claiming some sort of goodwill from Ford UK for the cost of the repairs? If so, how might I go about that?

Asked on 17 March 2018 by Simon Davies

Answered by Honest John
Yes, take the matter to Small Claims against the supplying and servicing dealer citing the USA recall for exactly the same problem. First, tell the supplying dealer that is what you intend to do and he may go to Ford with a goodwill claim to avert the Small Claim. I have to warn you, if it goes to court you may not win, but a Small Claim is a relatively inexpensive legal process:

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