Do repeated short journeys have a detrimental affect on hybrid battery range?

I'm thinking about getting a used Toyota Auris or Yaris hybrid, but I'm concerned about how long the hybrid batteries last and their replacement cost. I wouldn't drive the car often - once or twice a week on average for short journeys. Would this be detrimental to hybrid battery life? How can one tell if the hybrid batteries are starting to fail?

Asked on 7 February 2018 by BigRedSwitch

Answered by Honest John
I don't get many reports of hybrid batteries needing to be replaced. Can't even remember the last one. But what happens is the electric range on start-up gradually decreases. So, from a new range of maybe a mile or so, it goes down to maybe 50 metres. However, the hybrid function of re-charge/discharge continues to work so you still get reasonable economy. Just not as much as you got when the car was new. An ageing hybrid used only for short distances can go down from an mpg of over 60 to around 40.
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