Are there issues with Land Rover Discovery balance shafts?

My garage advises that they have to change the balance shafts on my Land Rover Discovery Sport (less than one year old with 9300 miles). They will not advise why, only that the engine is making an unusual noise. If it has to do with lubrication, I have asked them to replace the engine, as there may be other long term problems. I have checked the internet and there are other instances of the same problem. In most cases the engines have been changed, but my garage insists that is not necessary.

Asked on 2 February 2018 by Peter Matthews

Answered by Honest John
Yes. This is a new in-service modification that we recorded last week. I couldn't see the connection with the DPF oil contamination issue, but obviously if the balancer shafts are very oil sensitive then this could be the reason.
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