Should I take the deal or get the clutch fixed on my 2010 Audi TT?

My TT clutch has developed a fault. It goes into gear OK, but lags a bit on the way up. Also the window regulator has gone as well. I approached a garage who offered me £9000 trade in against a 2017 VW polo GTi, priced at £16500. Should i take the deal or get the clutch fixed?

Asked on 18 December 2017 by karen murdoch

Answered by Honest John
£9,000 seems to be quite a good trade-in price for a 2010 TT, particularly one with a couple of faults: Is the dealer aware of the faults? If he asks "does the car have any problems?" you have to tell him or you will be in breach of contract. A 2017 Polo GTI 1.8 is good fun. Almost up to a Fiesta ST.
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