I bumped into a car and the driver is now inflating the claim - what do you advise?

I bumped the towbar of the car in front of me (both vehicles are Volkswagen Passat Estates). The damage to my car was a cracked number plate and a small dent in the plastic plate behind the number plate with no other damage at all. It cost me £10 for a new number plate. He is claiming that I bent his towbar and that his car is so damaged that it might be a write off. I've told my insurance company this, but am concerned that this very minor accident might cause trouble for me later with the so-called excessive damage to his car. Can you advise what I can do about this?

Asked on 1 December 2017 by Nick H

Answered by Tim Kelly
It makes no difference to you personally whether he just has a scratch to his bumper or you write his car off. The effect on your policy and premium is the same.

Leave it to your insurer, it is their responsibility to ensure any claim made against you is not vexatious. If his car has a tow bar fitted, it will need a tow-ball fitted at the least (they can fracture) and it is possible the vehicle has further damage than what may appear evident.
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