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Why is there pale blue smoke coming from my exhaust?

I purchased a 2008 Lexus in August and after a few weeks I started getting pale blue smoke come from the exhaust for one minute every day half way through my journey. It disappears after one minute. The garage checked the head gasket and seals but said it looks like the turbocharger. A reconditioned one with fitting will cost around £1000. Is it worth doing?

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They think the turbo bearing oil seal is failing, but because you have not told us which Lexus or which engine we can't tell you much more. We guess it's an IS 220 diesel and that could also suffer cylinder head and/or head gasket problems.
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Very well built. Top quality interior. Lexus dealers are best in the business. Impressive refinement. All engines chain cam. IS250 probably the most reliable car you can buy.

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