What's the minimum annual mileage I should cover in my Land Rover Freelander 2 to avoid DPF problems?

I notice that you have mentioned the need for new diesel vehicles to do a yearly minimum mileage when fitted with a particulate filter. The other week you quoted "15,000 miles per year'". No one mentioned this when I recently bought a new Freelander 2 (2.2D) as a retirement car. My yearly mileage has dropped from 30,000 plus to around 8000, mostly on dual carriageway. Is there anything I can do, apart from upping the mileage, to alleviate the problem? Or should I change the car?

Asked on 16 September 2010 by hamish1

Answered by Honest John
Misinterpreted. The 15,000 miles a year is the economic limit where the savings on fuel start to equal the potential cost of expensive repairs to a diesel, such as turbos, EGRs, DMFs, DPFs, etc. If you do very short runs you will clog a diesel particulate filter. If your short runs are balanced by longer runs of 50 miles or so you should have no trouble.
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