My Volkswagen Golf needs a new EGR after having the emissions fix - what now?

I had the Volkswagen emissions fix carried out on my 1.6 TDI Golf in December 2016. Today, I'm informed by my garage that my car needs a new EGR valve. I fitted a new EGR valve to the car in October 2015, a few weeks after buying it and I only drive 3000 miles in a year. Who is to say that in another year down the line, it won't need yet another EGR valve? The EA189 emissions fix is a bad joke.

Asked on 25 October 2017 by Rosemary Mclay

Answered by Honest John
Volkswagen is meeting the cost of any extra parts and work needed after the NOx emissions fix for two years after the fix up to a total mileage of 160,000. The Volkswagen dealer should have told you.
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