My BMW 3 Series suffered a wrecked engine at 45,000 miles - do I have any redress against BMW or the supplying garage?

My nearly seven year old BMW 3 Series has suffered oil pump failure and a wrecked engine at 45,000 miles. Do I have any redress against BMW UK or the supplying garage (non-franchise), which I purchased it from eight months ago at 35,000 miles.

Asked on 24 October 2017 by A Smith

Answered by Honest John
Not against either. Not against BMW because all liability for the original sale stops at six years old. Not against the supplying dealer unless you can prove that the car was sold to you with the fault already developing, in which case Clegg v Olle Andersson House of Lords 2003 might apply: Obviously your case will be a lot stronger if you have given the car an oil and filter change between buying it and the failure 10,000 miles later.
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