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I just bought a 2003 Ford Focus that hasn't been taxed since 2014 - is this cause for concern?

I recently bought a cheap 2003 Ford Focus. Since I'm new to the UK's vehicle laws, I've been going through all the necessary online procedures. I just checked on the vehicle tax status and found that the last time this vehicle was taxed was in 2014.
The car dealership that sold me this car drove it to my house. What am I liable for? Can a dealership sell a vehicle that doesn't have vehicle tax?

Asked on 12 October 2017 by Julie

Answered by Honest John
You only have to tax it from the day you bought it as indicated by date of change of keeper on the V5C. So your only worry about it not having been taxed for three years is what it was doing while it wasn't taxed. Might have been out of the country.
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