My Ford Mondeo's steering is pulling to the right under acceleration - any ideas?

I have a 52-plate 1.8 petrol Ford Mondeo and have had the front and back wheels balanced due to a wheel wobble. It's recently done 70,000 miles. This has not sorted the wheel wobble, and now under heavy breaking and when accelerating heavily it pulls to the right, and also does this when cruising. I have had the front wheels tracked, still no difference. I also noticed a knock from under the engine the other week, again when under heavy acceleration, but it seems to have gone. I wonder whether this is the steering linkage or whether it is the CV joint, wheel bearings etc. The steering has always had a rubbing noise when turning left and right at low speed, but doesn't seem to have got worse. I'm hoping this is all related! Does anyone have any ideas before I take it to a garage?

Asked on 5 September 2010 by Mark1974

Answered by Honest John
Could be the bush of the reaction arm part of the suspension.
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