Clutch broke on our new car after 1400 miles - would skipping gears fix this issue?

Four months ago we bought a Citroen C3 Picasso 1.2 PureTech. At 1400 miles, it had a burnt out clutch on a very busy road. The dealer blames our driving style as there's no manufacturing defect detected. The engine does get very hot, but that's normal according to their manual. Are there new gear changing techniques to learn with the latest car models? First and Reverse are quite fierce on engaging the clutch and I don’t consider second gear a smooth transition. I was taught to put the handbrake on but you could bring the clutch up to the ‘point of pull’ when at traffic lights or about to move out of a junction. I believe younger drivers skip gears – is this what they are now taught?

Asked on 22 August 2017 by Mrs P Thomas

Answered by Honest John
First report of any drivetrain problems with the 1.2 Puretech in anything. I ran one for a year in a 308 and it was brilliant. Yes, I learned 'block changing' from a police instructor. Works best when the engine has plenty of torque, which the 1.2 Puretech does.
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