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Can you clarify whether the Nissan Tiida is an import, and whether it is a worthwhile purchase?

We have been to a car supermarket and seen a lovely Nissan Tiida. We were tempted to buy this (unregistered, with 37 miles on the clock) car. However, before parting with hard-saved cash, we dropped in to our local Nissan dealer. The guy told us he had never heard of this car, and that Nissan couldn't service it nor would they be able to obtain components as 'we don't sell this car, and have never heard of it'.

I find this really hard to believe. He also said the warranty would be invalid and that it was made 'abroad' and for the European market, even though it is a right-hand drive. My husband is 78 years old, and we wondered if he was taking advantage of 'two old codgers'. Have you any advice regarding buying this car for £8999?

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This is a Far Eastern incarnation of the Note built in countries like Thailand (which is RHD), but is an utterly pointless buy in the UK where a Note does a better job and is a known quantity with proper parts availability. I'm very surprised you consider it "lovely", especially from the rear 3/4, from which it looks strangely tall and narrow. Better to spend your £8999 on a year-old used Note.
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