I want to change the oil in my car - what oil would you suggest that won't leave oily residue on my hands?

I've applied myself to the quite practical task of oil draining and replenishment on my current luxury vehicle in order to acquire a more manly approach to life. I've been using Mobil 1 oil, but have noticed a quite unpleasant oily residue left on my hands.
Are there any less oily and more pleasant oils available to the novice or would I be better to revert back to paying one of the local peasants?

Asked on 16 August 2017 by Roger BW

Answered by Honest John
Mobil 1 is wholly synthetic. It is the only wholly synthetic motor oil. Others labelled 'fully synthetic' are actually only about 90 per cent synthetic. The answer is to do what most mechanics do these days and wear surgical gloves for jobs like that. Oil is carcinogenic.
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