Are driver assist systems practical or just gimmicks?

Are driver assist systems, like lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, speed sign recognition, practical aids or gimmicks? I wish to buy a car to prolong my safe driving years (approaching 80 years and still driving 23,000 miles per year). My present car is a 2011 BMW 118d.

Asked on 24 July 2017 by tonym39

Answered by Honest John
Lane keeping assist is irritating and can interfere with the steering unless you signal. Dangerous on winding roads. Not sufficiently reliable on motorways. Adaptive cruise control can stop you crashing into the back of a vehicle in front, but makes it difficult to pull out to overtake. Volkswagen's system has had to be recalled because it was stopping cars for no reason. Speed sign recognition is only about 80 per cent reliable. Helps a bit if you are uncertain of a limit and the system has spotted it. But doesn't always spot a limit and more often than that doesn't always spot a de-restriction. These days it's difficult to buy a top of the range car without all this stuff.
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