How do I sell a vehicle on behalf of someone else?

My daughter and family have gone abroad for three years. My son-in-law has asked me to sell his Audi A3 and he's signed and dated the logbook. We've moved into his house to care for it, so my bank statement, driving licence, etc are all send to that address. I made an appointment with We Buy Any Car but have been told they cannot buy it as I have a different surname and I'm not a blood relative. How do I sell the car without the hassle?

Asked on 25 April 2017 by Lyn

Answered by Honest John
You use the signed V5C to register the car in your own name. Then you can sell it. However, once registered it will need to be kept off the road and SORN'd, or you will need to MoT, insure and tax it.
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