My Volkswagen is not performing like it was before the emissions fix - what can I do?

Can someone enlighten me as to why my car is not performing as it was before it went in for the emissions fix? The emissions light comes on continually and the coil light is now on an off, plus it keeps losing power and going into "limp mode". This had not happened before I had the recall done. My local Volkswagen dealer who carried out the update have been helpful but say if it's my fault I have to pay for the diagnostic test and repairs I find it all a coincidence?

Asked on 17 April 2017 by Gem

Answered by Honest John
The coil light indicates that the EGR is clogged up and needs replacing. In reducing NOx the emissions fix creates more soot for the EGR and the DPF to deal with. Some owners have found that switching to superdiesel helps a bit because burning that creates a little less soot. Lots of other people have had the same problem.
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