Questionable VW Software Fix - have you heard of this?

Has anyone else experienced issues after the vw software update in their VW Passat estate?

Last week I had the software fix applied to my Diesel Passat Estate. Since then the vehicle has noticably reduced MPG and a random shudder, predominantly when travelling between 50-70mph (1600-1800rpm).

I've returned it to local dealership who did the update and did a road test with workshop foreman who acknowledged he too could feel it when in the car.
He hinted that it felt like a fuel starvation issue and would check it over.
They checked both the diesel filter and the fuel itself and both came back with no issues.

He is now hinting that it could be something wrong with the injectors and that the issue is in NO WAY associated with the update and that the problem happening now is purely coincidental - I don't believe it!

I had filled the car up the week before and done 250-300 miles on half a tank before dropping it in to them for the update and the car was running perfectly fine. After the update I did another 250 miles over the weekend and the problem was noticeable.

I would love to know if others have had similar problems?

Asked on 29 October 2016 by steve

Answered by Honest John
Not in Passats. 14 so far in Tiguan 2.0TDI 140s and about 4 in 1.2TDIs in various models. In Tiguans there is a 2nd stage software update if the first doesn't work, but even that doesn't always work. Try it on Superdiesel. The improved cetane might make up for strangled fuelling. Recall work has not yet even started on 1.6TDIs, which require hardware as well as software.
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