Has anyone attempted to invoke the Sale of Goods act 1979 in relation to the Volkswagen Golf ABS module fault?

Have you heard of anyone who may have pursued rectification of the ABS module problem on MkV Volkswagen Golfs through the "Sale of Goods Act 1979" as this is obviously an inherent fault? The reason I ask is that my car has the same problem and, having spoken to Trading Standards, they suggest this may be the best line of action. However I do not really want to go down this route if it has already been tried without success.

Asked on 11 August 2010 by milanman1899

Answered by Honest John
No, haven't heard of anyone trying this. VOSA will not issue a vehicle safety recall. The cheapest fix (and the one that I think is used by BMW) is: ecutesting.com/vw_golf_touran_abs_pump_module.html
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