If I SORN my Honda CR-V for most of the year, would this be asking for trouble?

My household currently has two cars and are considering going electric with both, probably two used Nissan Leaf, battery owned. This would cover all of our motoring needs, other than three or four family camping holidays per year where we need a large boot and the ability to tow a camping trailer (450kg maximum). We could buy a used petrol Honda CR-V with around 100,000 miles for £2000 - £2500, but it would not get used for nine months of the year and would sit on the drive. I could SORN it for these periods. Would treating the car like this be asking for trouble?

Asked on 27 February 2017 by Jim

Answered by Honest John
A petrol CR-V is not a good towcar, it can hardly tow the skin off a rice pudding. However, for this weight it will tow okay. You'll get about 30mpg running a CR-V 2.0 i-VTEC solo.
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