Why are the solicitors of the Volkswagen class action taking a 30% cut?

I'm interested in joining the Volkswagen class action, but am concerned that the real damage done by the company has been to the health of the general public. Is there any way of persuading the solicitors to seek compensation mainly for the national health service, which has had to deal with the consequences?

I'm also concerned at the cut the solicitors will take. The more of us join the action, the more their cut goes up, but the amount of work required does not go up proportionately. One million clients would not require a thousand times as much work as a thousand clients, but they will still take 30% of the pot. This seems utterly ridiculous.

Asked on 30 January 2017 by Philip Ward

Answered by Honest John
Nothing is for nothing and that's why this particular firm of solicitors is working for a 30% cut. I only support these class actions where the performance of a car has been badly affected by the fix, where the fix has resulted in additional expense such as the need for a new EGR or where the value of the car can be proven to have been severely depleted by the blight of the scandal.
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