Is it normal for my Audi A4 Avant to have a delayed reaction when I try to pull off in second gear?

I have a new 2016 Audi A4 Avant with the 3-litre 218 diesel engine, with just over 2000 miles on the clock. It is wonderfully quiet and smooth, but I'm not sure the auto box is behaving correctly - this is my first auto. At low speeds, only in second gear, it seems there is a delay between me putting my foot down and the car reacting. This gets a little unnerving at roundabouts in particular, but other junctions as well. I've tried manually selecting first gear to see if that helps, but the car will not select first gear, presumably because I'm going too fast (usually around 10 mph or so). I'd appreciate your thoughts or suggestions.

Asked on 16 January 2017 by Rad1sh

Answered by Honest John
It has the dual 7-speed longitudinal S-Tronic transmission, same as a Q5 and Q7. Odd gears are on one shaft; even gears and reverse on the other. But the problem with VAG cars is often the brake pedal switch delaying sending its message that the brakes are released and that's why you get the heart-stopping hesitation pulling out of side roads and pulling onto roundabouts.
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