How should I remove a nasty smell from my Saab 9-3's interior?

I have a 51 reg Saab 9-3 SE TiD with half-leather trim, I have owned it for the last seven years. I have kept it much longer than planned but it keeps going very happily. My daughter says it has an odour problem which I have also noticed. I keep the interior clean, and vacuum it regularly. It's hard to describe the odour - 'stale' is the best description I can come up with. Please can you tell me how to freshen up the interior?

Asked on 5 August 2010 by SaabMan323

Answered by Honest John
The smell will be damp. First you need to find and cure the water ingress leading to it. Call a few valeters and ask what sort of fog bombs they have that could be released inside the car.
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