Should I have my Volkswagen Tiguan 'fixed'?

My Volkswagen Tiguan has been called in to have the software update following the emissions scandal. I am, however, reluctant to take it in following reports by owners who have had the update. Am I to expect reduced power, increased fuel consumption and engine noise at certain revs. Are there any consequences of not having the update?

Asked on 13 January 2017 by deal early

Answered by Honest John
The engine will continue to emit the unacceptable and illegal level of NOx that the cheat software was created to hide. But it will also continue to run in the manner that it has done so far and until VWG can come up with a fix that sorts the cars out properly, such as an expensive after-fit SCR system, rather than their cheapskate solution that doesn't always work, I wouldn't put it in for the fix.
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