What should I do about rust in the engine bay paintwork?

Today my dad was filling up the screenwash in his 2016 BMW X6 and he noticed a patch of rust, about 5mm by 10mm, in the white paintwork in the engine bay. What should he do? He changes car in 3 years time but should he report it to the dealer or can he reject the car as it's just over 3 moths old with only 2100 miles and I wouldn't expect a car of this age to have rust.

Asked on 31 December 2016 by nick h

Answered by Honest John
Depends what it is. 5mm x 10mm is tiny. Has something that was fixed to the engine compartment dropped off and taken the paint with it? Is it just a scratch? Is it simply an unpainted component? Was the paint removed to reveal a number stamped into the sheet-metal? Might be worth asking the dealer about it, but I would not regard this as a reason to reject the car.
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