What do I do if my registration plates have been cloned?

My daughter in law has started receiving toll charge penalty notices from the Dartford Tunnel when she has not been there. We have appealed the fines, but they want a crime number. The police told us by email "I have just received an email from our crime recording unit, who advise me that your matter is not a recordable crime. You will need to appeal the fine." I think the expression 'between a rock and a hard place' applies. Any suggestions?

Asked on 21 December 2016 by Neville Flux

Answered by Honest John
Basically, tell the Dart Crossing administrators that your registration has obviously been cloned and if they insist on taking you to court over the matter you will appear with your evidence that your car could not have been the one caught on their ANPR. They must actually know that the police will not issue a crime number because it is not a recordable crime. However, it could be a recordable crime if you report your number plate as having been stolen. You would then need to apply to the DVLA for a replacement set of plates, which gets a bit complicated and time-consuming.
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