Should an extended warranty cover clutch failure?

I bought my 2011 Qashqai from a local Nissan dealer. We were concerned about our previous second hand car and clutch problems, so were offered the extended warranty for an additional £400. A couple of weeks ago the clutch starting over revving and losing drive. It also stated emitting a strange smell. I took the car in and the Nissan dealer diagnosed a faulty clutch at a cost of £1164. They said clutch failure was not covered under the extended warranty and it might be cheaper getting it done by an independent specialist.

Since taking it to another garage (non-Nissan) I have been told that the dual mass fly wheel also needs replacing. This part was proving hard to find and is expensive. In the end they sourced it for £560 from Nissan themselves. This is where we are now. After reading many forums I have read that dual mass flyplates are not fit for purpose and have now been replaced by single ones and that this could have caused the clutch to go.

Armed with this info my Dad phoned our Nissan dealer and asked for a discount on the part. The manager stated that he would be willing to discount by 20 per cent and went off to find the part price, he came back with £709, which is more than our local garage will charge us. He also added that if it was the flywheel that caused the clutch to go then it would have been covered under the extended warranty after all. However, nothing could be done now as we went to another garage. My car is now half done and been in the other garage for over a week waiting for this matter to be resolved. What should I do?

Asked on 5 December 2016 by Sleepycaro

Answered by Honest John
A dual mass flywheel is designed to absorb torque between the engine and the transmission and thus protect it, particularly 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears. They are fitted to almost all diesel engined cars with manual transmissions and many petrol engined cars as well. Car manufacturers and independent warranty providers rarely warrant a clutch beyond 6 months (the exception is Hyundai/KIA that warrants them for two years). But if failure of the dual mass flywheel is responsible for loss of drive it is usually covered by the warranty, together with any consequential damage to the clutch. The upshot is, had you left it with the Nissan dealer you would probably have been covered. But because you took it elsewhere you will need to negotiate with Nissan for some goodwill, or for the supply of the flywheel and clutch parts needed to your independent specialist.
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