Rover 25 won't start - is the immobiliser faulty?

My Rover 25 wont start. There are no lights on the dashboard, just the blinking red one of the immobiliser. I know the battery isn't flat, but the central locking has been an issue lately and sometimes I have to open and lock doors several times for the ignition to recognise the key. Any idea what could be wrong?

Asked on 25 November 2016 by rob moore

Answered by Honest John
This has long been a problem with Rover 200s and 400s and 25s and 45s. Basically the signal from key to immobiliser is weak and gets swamped by illegal transmissions in the vicinity (from wireless door chines, wifi, etc.). There's a chance that pushing it 100 yards down the road will take it out of range and the car may start (but it's just a chance).
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