New Ford Fiesta - what's the gentle clicking noise when braking at low speed?

I wonder if you can help?

I collected a brand new Fiesta Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost Auto from a main dealer 18 days ago, and it's since only done 300 miles. In the last day or two it has developed a quiet but detectable noise that seems to occur only when braking at low speed. It's a squeaky, clicking noise that repeats in quick succession and appears to be coming from the front of the car and stops when braking ceases.

My questions are:

a. Is this common, and what might be wrong with the car ?
b. It's booked in for the dealership to look at next week, but if it's not fixed successfully then how much of a chance do I need to give them to remedy the situation before rejecting the car (there is no outstanding finance) ?

Thanks very much.

Asked on 18 November 2016 by mathsboy

Answered by Honest John
It will be the pads moving in the callipers. You have sensibly booked it in with the supplying dealer. If he can't fix it within 28 days of purchase, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 theoretically gives you the statutory right to reject the car. You need to write a letter to the dealer right now stating that if he cannot fix it you will assert that right, and send it by Post Office Special delivery so that the dated certificate of posting makes it a matter of record within the 28 day period.
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