Buying an executive car - Jaguar or BMW?

I have a 2015 BMW 5 Series. I have been offered a brand new Jaguar Portfolio 2.0 diesel auto 180PS with a cash exchange of £15K. I have also been offered the 2017 BMW 520 SE from March 2017 for £16K. My dilemma is that the Jaguar seems to have more kit on it as standard. What is you opinion of the two cars? Which will hold resale value better? Which will give me better MPG? What discounts I should negotiating for on each car?

Asked on 17 November 2016 by Peter Macellaro

Answered by Honest John
No idea what the new 5-Series will be like because we don't get to test it until February 2017. You don't say if the Jag is an XE or XF. I suspect an XF. Tests of these here: and The current model 5-Series is going at huge discounts of up to £12,000, even from BMW dealers.
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