Best wheels/tyres for a 2012 Honda Accord estate?

We've recently bought a 2012 Honda Accord ES GT I-DTEC 148hp diesel estate for comfort, room, economy and hopefully long term reliability. Expectations have largely been met except for the ride which is OK on asphalted, smooth roads but jiggly and noisy to the point of discomfort on our more usual UK surfaces.

I've thought about swopping to ES spec 16" wheels but am concerned the GT suspension is tuned for our standard ES GT spec 17" wheels and 20/50 tyre size. I'm told by our local tyre shop that our current Mazzinis are cheap - and noisy at 72db - and that Kumhos at 69db would make a noticeable difference.


Would changing to 16" wheels be worthwhile, or do we just need better tyres? In any event what tyres, regardless of wheel size, would you recommend for a less jiggly and quieter ride?

Many thanks for any suggestions.

Asked on 24 November 2016 by Michael Perrin

Answered by Honest John
You will get a softer ride on 16s, presumably with 55 or 60 profile tyres and I'd recommend switching to Michelin Cross Climate all weather tyres for better ride quality, quietness, steering feel as well as the cold weather benefits. If the car has a valve based TPMS system then probably best to stick to the 17-inch wheels if you can get Cross Climates for them. Run at 31PSI cold pressures.
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