Volkswagen Golf starting problems

My daughter's 2009 Volkswagen Golf has broken down four times in recent weeks and on each occasion it refuses to start. Our local garage has replaced the CAN unit and also cleaned off 60 circuits on the ECU unit. Nothing comes up on the specialist Volkswagen diagnostic equipment. The recovery firm said it may be water getting in somewhere on the electrics, via the windscreen. However, the garage cannot find a leak. Can you help?

Asked on 20 October 2016 by Karenf

Answered by Alan Ross
Most unusual that diagnostics cannot identify a fault. We would have thought that the garage would have at least identified if it was a fuel or a electrical problem. At this stage would suggest that the CKP (crankshaft position sensor) is checked /changed.

If the ECU is suspect then it may be worth removing and sending to a specialist who will check it out. Much cheaper than replacing and also makes sure all is okay. i.e

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