Will premium diesel make my DPF last longer?

You frequently advocate the use of Shell V-Power Nitro Diesel which I have used in my Citroen C5 from new. You also state that diesel engines are prone to suffering from clogged up DPFs at 80,000 miles, and need replacement or Ceremex cleaning. My question is: By using a premium fuel will the "better burn" mean that the DFP will last longer before it needs replacement or cleaning?

Asked on 27 September 2016 by johni

Answered by Honest John
80k is just an average quoted by Ceramex. Might last a lot longer. Might not last as long. I don't have any evidence of fuel quality affecting it. But Addison Lee used to get longer lives from the DPFs in its Galaxy TDCIs (same engine as your C5) by changing the engine oil every 5,000 miles.
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