Are tyre pressure monitors obligatory?

I purchased a Toyota RAV4 hybrid earlier this month (after a nine month wait) and whilst the advertising booklet (dated December 2015) has every model fitted with tyre pressure monitoring as standard, I cannot find any sign of it on the vehicle. It was my understanding that EU legislation has been enacted that makes it obligatory from 2014?

Asked on 23 September 2016 by Tunneller

Answered by Honest John
We understood that too. Here's what the official announcement said:

EU Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Legislation

On Tuesday 10th March 2009 The European Parliament in Strasbourg officially approved a Directive Proposal of the Commission aimed to simplify and change the type approval of motor vehicles in Europe.

At the same time this proposal introduces a series of implementing measures imposing mandatory adoption of some proven existing technology including Tyre Pressure monitoring Systems (and ESP).

As for TPMS introduction dates and technical specification this mandate officially requires that (see article 9.2 of adopted text):

"Vehicles in categories M1 shall be equipped with an accurate Tyre Pressure Monitoring System capable of giving, when necessary, an in-car warning to the driver when a loss of pressure occurs in any tyre, which is in the interests of optimum fuel consumption and road safety. Appropriate limits in the technical specifications shall be set to achieve this, which shall furthermore allow for a technology-neutral and cost-effective approach in the development of accurate Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems."

As for the introduction dates of TPMS, there is a two year phase-in schedule starting from November 1st 2012. Article 13.1 to 13.4 of the adopted text states that all vehicles type approved after this date must install a TPM System. Furthermore all newly registered vehicles after November 1st 2014 must have a TPM System.
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