Need a small and safe city car – what would you recommend?

I need to upgrade from my Smart Fortwo to transport me and my three year old. The car must be small as parking is a nightmare where I live, but as safe as possible. I have around £5000 to spend. What should I get? Fiat 500? Ford KA? Volkswagen Polo?

Asked on 14 September 2016 by Georgina

Answered by Honest John
A FIAT 500 and a Ford KA are the same car. The FIAT is more stylish. The KA is a lot cheaper. Both are more reliable than a Polo and have excellent front seats. But for strapping a small child into a child seat in the back of a car you really need 4 doors. Hyundai i10, FIAT Panda, that sort of thing.
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