Volkswagen Beetle gearbox chatter

I have just bought a Volkswagen Beetle 1.4 TSI. The car is a 2012 model and has started making a loud noise from under the bonnet. It seems to go when I put the clutch in, sometimes it stops doing it if I put it in a gear and take it back out. Also when changing gears sometimes feels like it is juddering, could you please help me with this as I've been told it's called gearbox chatter.

Asked on 11 September 2016 by Zoe richards

Answered by Honest John
Could be 'chatter'. VW transmission bearings are of very variable quality. There can also be problems with the casings. Might help to use a molybednum disulphide gearbox oil additive such as STP or Wynns. I've used it to hold noisy VW boxes together in the past and have seen it do so for a couple of years.
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