Can we tow a caravan with our Focus Econetic?

We have a Ford Focus 2013 TDCi with an 'Econetic' badge on the rear. Our owner's manual states that Econetic is not approved for trailer towing. Our V5 gives a maximum towing weight of 1200kg. We have had a Witter towbar fitted by a reputable fitter and all electrics work. We have used this for a bike carrier which is attached only to the towbar ball but now wish to tow a small caravan. Can we do this? Why does the manual state that towing is not approved?

Asked on 4 September 2016 by Claire Withnell

Answered by Honest John
If your car is not EC Type Approved for towing then it was illegal to fit the towbar. But the 2011-2014 Focus is rated to tow 700kg - 1500 kg so that doesn't figure. I can't tell you if the item in the manual is because of the gearing of the Econetic, or because fitting the towbar necessitated cutting the Econetic rear valence. If it's the gearing then you could be in trouble because the dual mass flywheel and clutch of the model has been failing, largely due to failure of the clutch slave cylinder and Ford dealers quote £1600 to replace DMF, clutch and slave cylinder.
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