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Which coupe has good rear legroom and all-weather ability?

I'm trying to decide on a one or two-year-old coupe that I can use to drive long distance, especially to ski resorts in Europe, so 4wd would be an advantage. The Audi A5 3.0 Quattro coupe seems ideal, but I keep reading bad reviews about the ride. I'd like decent handling and performance and a reasonable back seat for my five-year-old son - this seems to rule out the BMW 6 Series or the Jag, both of which I like but they seem to have almost minimal legroom. The new Mercedes E-Class coupe seems almost ideal, seeming to have a bit more room, but is quite expensive right now and I am a bit concerned about rear wheel drive in the winter, having seen what happened in the UK last year. I have a budget of up to £25,000. Do you have any suggestions?

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A5s have not been brilliantly reliable. Why not a BMW 335i coupe, preferably manual? It actually has more passenger and boot room than the A5. From November to March, fit a separate set of wheels with winter tyres.
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