Volvo- Hesitation on acceleration. Please help...

Volvo V60 D3
2011 Year
41,000 miles

Problem: Car “falters” on acceleration when leaving a queue of traffic.

This has occurred most noticeably (and is frightening) at a busy roundabout, about 8 miles after leaving home, the last 4 miles is on straight roads with average speed of 50-60 mph (engine well up to temperature). The short queue of traffic may take 2-3 minutes to clear, during which time the engine is idling.

This was explained at the recent routine service to the local Volvo dealer and I was assured it would be checked. On collecting the car I was told that no faults were found and that the “software had been upgraded” (Routine?!)….but no change.

Coincidentally on longer journeys, starting from cold, the fuel consumption ( based on average fuel indicator) seems to improve if stopped, the engine switched off, and then restarted. Similar to “rebooting” a computer. This is subjective but that is the clear impression.

Have you had any similar comments with this particular model/engine ? Is there a sensor somewhere at fault?

Asked on 18 August 2016 by ellastonepaul

Answered by Honest John
Volvo has used four different engines all confusingly designated D3: Its own 2.0 litre 5 cylinder diesel with 163HP and 134hp and also Ford's 2.0TDCI 4-cylinder, then it's own new 2.0 litre 4 cylinder engine. If your car has the Volvo 5-cylinder engine it will probably have a 5-speed torque converter 'Geartronic' transmission. If it has the Ford engine it will have the Ford/Getrag twin wet clutch Powershift transmission. The problem could be in the brake light switch that as well as switching on the brake lights tells the ECU that the car is being raked. Or it could be in one of the multipin connectors between the ECU and the fuel system. The reason for the fuel consumption increasing, then going back to normal after switching off then on again is that the DPF will have been regenerating and this uses more fuel. You should never switch off mid-regeneration.
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