My first over 70 license - HELP!

As I am approaching 70, I have received an application form from the DVLA to renew my driving license. Since I do not hold a current UK passport, I am asked to send an original birth certificate, my old license and a document showing my National Insurance number.

Given the DVLA,s record in security, or my application being lost in the post, I am worried about this information getting into the wrong hands and my identity being stolen.

Surely since I have a current driving license and the DVLA being able to send me a timely renewal form, all that is needed should be the signed photograph.

What are your comments on this?

Asked on 14 August 2016 by g2gsoon

Answered by Honest John
Not having a passport complicates matters. I can't advise you what to do apart from follow the instructions on the official Government website:
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