Engine lost oil after a service


Last Monday I took my Hyundai Trajet 2.0 diesel 2002 to be serviced, have a brake hydraulic issue fixed and a cam belt change. I picked up the vehicle on Wednesday with 124,295 miles on it and drove it 10 miles home (15 minutes) after paying £1,074.

On Friday at 12.30 PM my wife drove from the house to a petrol station 2 miles from where we live. After 1 mile the red oil warning light came on and she continued to drive for 1 mile to the petrol station. When she was there she put in £30 of diesel and the engine would not re-start.

A man from the petrol station helped her check the oil and he checked it twice and it had no oil in the engine, checking with the dipstick. There was a small amount of oil on the floor under the car. She called the garage and arrived with a courtesy car and she left them with the car at the petrol station as they told her they would deal with it.

On Saturday she collected the vehicle and they said she should not have driven it with the red oil light on and it could have damaged the engine. She drove it the 10 miles back home. I took it for a test drive and it had a loud whine from the turbo, limited acceleration and would not go faster then 60 MPH.

I called and the garage advised they had put oil in the vehicle and had the evidence on video. I explained that the engine was damaged and they told me to bring it in. I made it 5 miles on the way to the garage and the engine stopped completely with a rattle and would not restart.

There was no oil on my drive and I checked her journey to the petrol station and could not see any oil on the road. I have told the garage that we travelled 12 miles and 20 minutes in total and found there was no oil in the engine. Total mileage is now 124, 337.

They are saying my wife should not have driven the vehicle after the red oil light came on. I think the best thing to do it to get the engine repaired at substantial cost. Please could you advise from your view where the responsibility lies from your experience and what you would replace due to the lack of oil?

Many thanks


Asked on 3 August 2016 by Simon Mitchell

Answered by Honest John
You've been losing oil. Possibly a leak. Possibly via the valve stem oil seals. Possibly via the turbo bearing oil seal. When you drove it the turbo was whining because it wasn't getting any oil. Common for the turbo bearing oil supply pipe and oil return pipe to get blocked with carbon and one of them might have popped off due to the pressure. Unfortunately for the garage this is all a little bit to coincidental after a £1,074 service and timing belt change and I think a small change judge would take the same view. Law here: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/consumer-rights/
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