Skoda Octavia problems - can I reject it?

I have a new three month old Skoda Octavia VRS. Today, when I was driving, the coolant light came on and it said that there is low coolant levels . So I stopped and checked, it was below minimum but there was a small amount there.

The car is only 3 months old. The coolant was half way between min and max and had suddenly dropped within the last week or two. I called the AA and they came and looked at it and they discovered that oil had become mixed in the the coolant forming a paste. The AA man thinks it could be the EGR valve or a head gasket. If this is the case (the car is back with the dealer) will I be able to reject the car?

Asked on 16 July 2016 by Sam

Answered by Honest John
I added waterpump to the list and when I want to add to the carbycar entry found that the exact same thing had happened to another VRS on 3-7-2016 and that the fault was waterpump failure.
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