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Can I reject my faulty X-Trail?

I bought a new Nissan X-Trail last month. After a week there was a system fault and the car would not switch off. I took the car back and the dealer said they fixed the fault.

Six days later, the fault returned. I returned the car to the garage and said it wasn't fit for purpose and required a replacement or a full refund. The dealer said I needed to contact Nissan customer service. I did this and feel that they are dragging there feet and there is not going to be a good outcome.

I have been advised that I should notify them that I do not authorise any further repairs. Nissan customer services rang and asked how I felt about them soak testing the car for a few hundred miles to check whether they have cured the problem after changing the Ecu. Could you advise on how to proceed?

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No. The dealer has to abide by the Consumer Rights Act November 2015 that theoretically entitles you to reject the car for a full cash refund within 30 days. However, I have yet to see this tested in court so if the dealer sticks his heels in, yours will be a county court test case. More here:
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